As I mentioned in my life and blogging update earlier this month, I’m pregnant! Which of course means there are now some exciting things going on in my life that I just can’t resist blogging about. Today, I’m sharing my first pregnancy diary. I have no idea how many of… View Post

This is Bellatrix, aka Trixie. She’s four years old, and although she’s really pretty she’s actually a moggy. We think her dad might have been a Nebelung. We discovered that when someone we know got a Nebelung Cat as their Patronus on Pottermore. When we looked it up, we had… View Post

One year ago, I married the best person I’ve ever met. I’ve been meaning to share details and photos of our wedding day here ever since, but I thought that today would be the perfect day to look back on it. Ryan and I met when we were in school,… View Post

I have always suffered from anxiety, but it is only over the past few years that I’ve actually realised it. When I was a child, I would think about the times I’d been disappointed or had disappointed someone else over and over again before I went to bed. They were… View Post

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a favourites, but I’ve been loving so many things throughout April (and March too) that I decided now would be a great time to round them up and share them with you. I’ve had a brilliant start to the year, with four trips out of the country… View Post