I have always suffered from anxiety, but it is only over the past few years that I’ve actually realised it. When I was a child, I would think about the times I’d been disappointed or had disappointed someone else over and over again before I went to bed. They were… View Post

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a favourites, but I’ve been loving so many things throughout April (and March too) that I decided now would be a great time to round them up and share them with you. I’ve had a brilliant start to the year, with four trips out of the country… View Post

I love the start of a New Year, don’t you? The fresh start always leaves me feeling completely inspired and motivated and that’s a feeling I truly relish. It ca n be pretty tricky to keep that feeling going beyond January, but this year I’m determined to stay inspired all… View Post

You may have already spotted that things look a little bit different around here. I’ve given my online home a makeover (thanks Pipdig!) and have got a whole bunch of new plans for this blog. YAY. Let me explain. Last April, I got engaged. It was both amazing and daunting, so… View Post

I love macarons. Like, seriously love them. I think that they are the most deliciously delightful treats ever invented. And, I’m actually not the biggest fan of cake (sue me). So when my sister Tayler suggested the idea of a macaron alternative for our wedding cake, I just couldn’t shake… View Post