A Little Life Update

It’s been a while! There’s really no reason for me to be writing this post, apart from the fact that I miss blogging and that it can be so cathartic to just write stuff down from time to time.

Way back when, I’d write something here every week. Maybe a book review or a life update or whatever else took my fancy. Since becoming a mum, time is a little harder to come by, and I’m posting about once every six months if we’re lucky. In fact, this is the first time I’ve posted since my book round-up right at the start of the year!

I do have a Disney World post in my drafts, maybe I’ll finish that at some point, and I really want to share a best gifts for four year olds post soon because Phoebe recently turned four (yup, already!) and she got some really great presents.

So, what have we been up to? Well, I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve read more so far this year than I have since 2017 and there’s still a few months to go. It’s been so nice to have that reading mojo back. You can follow along with the books I’ve been reading over on Goodreads.

Part of the reason I’ve got it back is reduced screentime. I’ve not been posting so much to Instagram and have been cutting back on the doom scrolling, partly thanks to a book I read called How to Break Up With Your Phone.

I also set up a new website, one I plan to maintain and grow and I’m really excited about it. It’s called The Nookish, and it’s a bit of an extension of what this blog once was but in a bigger and better way. It’s all about cosy nights in and calm days out, including reviews of books, board games, TV shows, movies, video games and more.

It’s had a bit of a slow start because I launched it just as I found out that I’m pregnant again! Baby number two is due in December and Phoebe can’t wait to be a big sister. She just started school last week and that’s an adjustment for all of us, but we’re so proud of how she’s handling it so far. We also have a baby niece due any day so that’s super exciting for us all too.

I know I’m going to want to get back to blogging and probably posting to Instagram more regularly when baby two is born. I found it so helpful to have that outlet and the community that came with it during maternity leave last time. I think I’ll write up a post about how this pregnancy is going soon, because I love reading back the stuff I wrote when I was pregnant with Phoebe.

Right now I’m busy prepping for maternity leave, training up a new starter who’ll cover me in my new role as Global Head of Affiliate at Foundry and then stay on when I return, all during the busiest time of year for us (did someone say Black Friday?). It’s intense! But we’re getting there and I am feeling really excited about the next chapter. Bring it on!


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