Best Gifts for 2 Year Olds

Looking for present ideas for two year olds? Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or other special occasion, here you’ll find gift ideas to suit all sorts of personalities and budgets. These have been tried and tested by us or close friends and family, and I’ve been regularly updating to reflect our latest thoughts and feelings about each gift. I’ve got ideas for stocking fillers, big presents, little presents, presents that’ll be enjoyed for years to come. Hopefully among these suggestions you’ll find something that’s just what you’re looking for.

If you’re buying for a younger child, try: Best Gifts for One Year Olds.

Gift ideas for two year olds

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Set

Buy from Smyths | Hamleys | Very | Amazon
Price: £45 but look for deals at £25-30

This has got to be one of Phoebe’s most played-with toys as a two year old, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, we’ve purchased the matching sandwich shop for her third birthday and moved her playroom around to make it more like a shop. I can’t recommend this enough.

Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter

Image Credit: Micro Scooters

Buy from Micro Scooters | John Lewis | Amazon | Smyths
Price: Around £80

This was our main present for Phoebe’s second birthday. She’s approaching three and we have only used it a handful of times! She’s recently started being more interested though so I think for next year this will be a winner. That said, I know many parents of two year olds that have loved their Micro Scooter from this younger age.

We picked the Micro Scooter after lots of scooter research. It’s such a sturdy, well-made scooter and comes in lots of colours. It’s one of the only scooters I found that suggested 2-5 years as an age range, many of the others are 3+.


Image Credit: Connetix

Sets start at £50 when not in the sale – keep an eye out for deals!

Buy from Connetix | Amazon | Little Acorns | Little Whispers

I had these ready to put aside for Christmas but I really felt like Phoebe was missing an open ended toy like this to play with so we let her have it in September. She has played with them every day since and I’ve been amazed by her imagination whilst using them. She often combines them with other toys such as little figures that dance on her dance floor, live in her houses, slide down her slides. I love playing with them too! They’re not cheap but they’re such a good investment. I’m considering getting the marble run at some point. I got these in the sale from the Connetix website but they’re not on sale often so if you spot them with a discount snap them up quickly.


Image Credit: Lego

Buy from Amazon | Smyths | John Lewis | ELC | Argos
Price: Sets vary, from £10 – £50+

Another semi open ended toy Phoebe’s loved is Duplo. She’s only recently started building things with this but sometimes she’ll spend an hour just making something like a swimming pool with a very, very tall diving board. I’m always keeping an eye out for Duplo deals, there are often plenty, otherwise it can be reasonably pricey.

Our favourite, which I picked up in the Prime Day sale last year, is the Duplo Modular House set shown above. It’s normally £55 but we bagged it for around £35.

Melissa and Doug Doorbell House

Image: Melissa and Doug

Buy from Amazon | John Lewis | Smyths
Price: £35 (I wouldn’t pay this! Wait for it to be on sale, I see discounts often. £25 is about right)

This was originally on my list for younger kids, we got it for Phoebe when she was about a year and a half for her first Christmas. She’s played with it lots, opening the unlocked doors and finding the people inside, as well as pressing the doorbells, but it took her until almost three to master the keys. We’ve seen play change as she grows with this one, and that’s why I love it. It makes a lovely present and is often on sale so keep an eye out.

Tea Set

Image Credit: Kidly

Price: £10 – £30

In my guide for one year olds I mentioned a cute plastic tea set Phoebe had been loving – she still loves it! But now that she’s a bit older she also really loves the more detailed wooden tea set she has, and they make beautiful gifts. Phoebe has a pretty set from The Great Little Trading Company, but others I’ve seen that I love include this Jabadabado set with a Picnic Basket, the Little Dutch Wooden Tea Set (shown above), and the Stoy Afternoon Tea Set.


Phoebe’s been really enjoying puzzles recently. It’s good to have an idea of the capabilities of the two year old you’re buying for, but generally they’ll be able to have a good try with two, three and maybe also four and five piece puzzles. Here are some I think look lovely:

Image Credit: Kidly

These are on the pricey side but they’re so cute, and they’re double sided. They’re three piece and are available at Kidly for £20.

A cheaper alternative, and one I can vouch for from personal experience, are these from Ravensburger. We have four different sets and we use them all the time. You get four puzzles in each, and they range from two to five pieces so will last for some time as your little one masters them. You can pick these up from Amazon for around £6 each.

Little People

Image Credit: Amazon

Buy from Smyths | Amazon | The Entertainer
Price: £10 – £50

Phoebe has loved Little People since she was really small, they’re probably her most played with toy overall, but as she approaches three she’s starting to move on from them. They’re not the cheapest to buy brand new but there are often sales as the stock cycles. If you see a set at a really low price, chances are it’s about to be discontinued so snap it up quickly. Fisher Price seems to change up Little People sets very regularly. I’d highly recommend checking FaceBook Marketplace for preloved Little People. We have picked up so many at absolute bargain prices and in brilliant condition you’d never know they’re not new.

Paint Sticks

Image Credit: Amazon

You can’t go wrong with Paint Sticks! You can buy them in smaller packs or in a big tub like this one from Amazon for £12.99.

Sticker Books

I don’t know a two year old that doesn’t love a sticker book. Our favourites are the Usbourne Little First Sticker books, which have removable sticker pages that are easy to peel, and shiny pages so kids can peel the stickers back off if they’re not happy with the placement, which is something Phoebe does every single time. You can pick these up cheap in supermarkets if you keep an eye out, but they’re also available from Amazon around £3-6 each.

I’m planning to add to this list as I spot more great gifts for two year olds, but take a look at my favourite sites for more inspo:

The Great Little Trading Company
John Lewis
Liberty London
Jojo Maman Bebe


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