101 Things to do while you’re in Lockdown

  1. Sort and clean kitchen cupboards
  2. Sort out your makeup and nail varnish
  3. Sort loft/attic/garage
  4. Pull up weeds in the front garden/driveway
  5. Paint the fence
  6. Plan a novel
  7. Start a blog (I wrote an article all about this for Tech Advisor, read it here but if you need any help with this, just shout!)
  8. Bake banana bread
  9. Make a TV Lucky Dip Jar (check out my blog post about Lucky Dip Jars)
  10. Make a movies Lucky Dip Jar
  11. Play The Room (if you’ve played The Room before, try these games too)
  12. Start a journal/bullet journal
  13. Clean windows
  14. Do a puzzle
  15. Draw a still life
  16. Write a poem
  17. Touch up paint around the house
  18. Sort wardrobe
  19. Sort underwear and socks
  20. Dust blinds and wash curtains
  21. Make a Lockdown playlist on Spotify that you can listen to while you clean
  22. Scrapbooking
  23. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies
  24. Watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies
  25. Play a boardgame (I’ll be sharing a list of my favourites soon, but for now my work buddy has shared some great ideas on Tech Advisor, including some for solo players. And if you want to buy a board game, how about buying it from Nerd Base to help support a small business)
  26. Read a classic
  27. Write a list of all of the places you’ve travelled to
  28. Research your family tree
  29. Alphabetise your bookshelf
  30. Alphabetise DVDs
  31. Alphabetise video games
  32. Write a bucket list
  33. Meditate
  34. Yoga
  35. Watch the Internatinal Space Station
  36. Stargaze
  37. Dig out old family videos and photos
  38. Learn a dance routine
  39. Make bunting from old clothes or scraps of fabric
  40. Play an instrument
  41. Wash your car
  42. Clean radiators
  43. Sort out your Goodreads (or sign up if you haven’t already)
  44. Write Amazon reviews of things you’ve purchased
  45. Clean makeup brushes
  46. Take some arty photos around the house
  47. Sort PJs
  48. Flip your mattress
  49. Practice a glam makeup look
  50. Use a face mask
  51. Paint your nails
  52. Clean out fridge
  53. Listen to a podcast
  54. Watch a TED talk
  55. Read a magazine (if you have Amazon Prime you’ll find free magazines in Prime Reading)
  56. Play an old console game
  57. Press flowers
  58. Watch a scary movie
  59. Spring clean your computer (Macworld or Tech Advisor can help)
  60. Wash your cushion covers
  61. Listen to an audiobook
  62. Sort through all of your paperwork
  63. Make something out of your recycling
  64. Play QuizUp
  65. Bird watching
  66. Make a fort
  67. Come up with a new business idea
  68. Make or adapt an item of clothing
  69. Watch a documentary
  70. Watch a movie or TV show from your childhood
  71. Draw an animal
  72. Watch a Disney movie (Disney+ has a free trial!)
  73. Watch Star Wars (also on Disney+)
  74. Play Draw Something
  75. Write a letter to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while
  76. Rearrange your furniture
  77. Clean and sort bathroom cabinet
  78. Clean your shoes
  79. Hoover under the sofa
  80. Wash floors
  81. Make a time capsule
  82. Bake cookies
  83. Write a letter to your past self and future self
  84. Write about your five favourite memories
  85. Do an IQ test
  86. Do the Myers Briggs personality test
  87. Play The Sims (it’s on special offer!)
  88. Play a card game
  89. Make a cocktail
  90. Upcycle an old piece of furniture/decor
  91. Sort out the ‘Man Drawer’ – you know the one with the batteries in
  92. Origami
  93. Watch an old game show on Challenge (Freeview channel 46)
  94. Dig out your school Year Book and reminisce
  95. Find something new on YouTube (In this house we watch bullet journalers, vloggers, board gamers, miniature painters and home renovators)
  96. Sort out wrapping paper/cards/gift tags (you can make gift tags from old cards!)
  97. Karaoke
  98. Watch live streams from Zoos (Edinburgh, San Diego, Melbourne)
  99. Read a comic book (you can find these on Prime Reading too!)
  100. Make a mood board using old magazines and catalogues
  101. Read a blog (you’re already doing this one – feel free to explore!)



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