Lucky Dip Jars To Help You Beat Lockdown Blues

Adapting to this new normal is not the easiest of things, but knowing that we are all in it together keeps us going. Ryan and I have now got a little routine going to help us get through lockdown and keep our spirits high, and part of that routine involves Lucky Dip Jars.

Let me explain: our Lucky Dip Jars began long before quarantine. We were so fed up of spending ages trying to choose a movie or TV show to watch that we decided to leave it up to chance. We spent an evening going through Netflix and Amazon Prime, writing down every TV show and movie that we wanted to watch on little bits of paper. We folded them all up and popped them into a TV Lucky Dip Jar and a movie Lucky Dip Jar. Now, whenever we want to watch something we pick out of those jars and we’re not allowed to cheat!

We’ve already watched some gems that we may have missed otherwise, and we love it. Since then, I’ve made a Lucky Dip Jar for all of the books I have on my shelf, and we’ve now got a separate Disney+ Jar.

But you can go beyond that, especially right now when things are… well they’re a little boring. You could have a jar for all of the things you want to get done around the house and another for more fun hobbies. It makes it easier to feel motivated and it adds a little bit of surprise into the day. If you’ve got kids they’ll love having their own Lucky Dip Jar too.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts with ideas of TV shows, movies, hobbies and house things you can add to your own jars, I’ve got lots of ideas and recommendations. Let me know if you try it!

For now though, you can read an older post I wrote about the best TV shows to watch on Netflix – lots of these are still my favourites.



  1. Sharan Parsons
    29th March 2020 / 7:36 am

    Just made my activity list to put in a jar. It’s amazing how many ideas I’ve come up with… 30 so far!!

    • Ashleigh Macro
      29th March 2020 / 10:48 am

      Well done! I’m working on a blog post with 101 ideas of things to do, so that might help you think of even more 🙂

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