Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

Within the next few weeks, I will no longer be pregnant! I’m writing this with a week to go until our due date, which is still completely surreal. Despite growing this tiny human for nine months and having plenty of time to get used to the idea, the fact that it is about to enter the world and we are responsible for taking care of him or her is entirely bizarre to me!

(Side note: I am publishing this as Phoebe is about to turn one month old! She was born two days before her due date and I didn’t quite manage to get round to publishing this before then. I’ve introduced Phoebe in a separate post, here)

I thought now would be a good time to look back over my pregnancy and pick out some of the things I have used the most to help me get through it. I’ve picked out some books I enjoyed, some of my favourite maternity clothes, some apps and some other bits and bobs. Hopefully anyone that’s currently pregnant or might be in the near future will find this useful.


Let’s start with clothing. I purchased a fair few items for my maternity wardrobe, but there were some definite standouts that I’ve worn again and again and would highly recommend.

One of the first things I purchased was a pair of maternity leggings. I wear them around the house and they have been my absolute favourite.

The pair I have were actually from George at Asda, which I’d highly recommend checking for maternity wear because I’ve had a few other bits from there that have been lovely too, and they often have good deals on. Take a look here.

I don’t think they sell the exact pair I have anymore, but these are some alternatives from elsewhere that I’m sure will do the trick:

Another thing I purchased early on was bras. I am one of those people that has one bra I love so I just buy it in every colour (often more than one of each colour) and don’t venture beyond that. However, that favourite bra of mine is a padded and underwired bra that just does not work for pregnancy at all. So I had to find an alternative!

I ended up loving the Debenhams Maternity Nursing Bras. Obviously I didn’t need a nursing bra that early on, but they are just the comfiest bras that you can wear the whole way through pregnancy and then get lots of use out of once the baby is born too, so when I tried them on and liked them I thought why not go for it. I have ended up with one in every colour – they come in two packs and there are quite a few colours to choose from.

I managed to wear my normal jeans for quite a while into my pregnancy, but around the 24 week mark there was no way the hairband trick was going to cut it anymore so I needed to get some new jeans. I wear black jeans to work most days, and live in jeans on the weekends too, so I was worried I wouldn’t find any that worked for me.

Luckily, H&M delivered. I got the same pair in black and in blue and they have been amazing the whole way through the pregnancy. Comfy, lightweight, durable. I’d definitely recommend. They’re called the MAMA Super Skinny Jeans, and are £24.99.

I am not really a dress person, but from time-to-time when the occasion arises it’s best to get out of the jeans and go for something a bit nicer. I loved the Dorothy Perkins T-Shirt dresses – they’re easy to wear and can be dressed up or down depending on what you accessorise them with. Yet again, I purchased this in two colours! One black and one navy and white striped. There is also a khaki version. They cost £22.


Your Baby, Your Birth (Amazon, £10.99)

I read this quite early on in my pregnancy to get myself started with hypnobirthing. It gave me a really great basis to work from, but I didn’t feel as though it was enough to fully understand how to successfully use hypnobirthing techniques. We went on to do a four week, ten hour course at the hospital which was absolutely amazing, so it was good to have this underlying knowledge and an idea of what to expect beforehand. I also listened to the track that comes with it most nights during my pregnancy, to help me relax and focus on my breathing and my body. It’s very good!

Busy B Pregnancy Journal, (Amazon, £11.99)

I absolutely love Busy B products. I’ve had calendars and diaries and wedding planning bits from them, so it was the first place I looked for a pregnancy journal. I wrote in this every week to keep track of how I was feeling and the new things that had happened that week. I also used it to write down name ideas and log all of our gifts from the baby shower. I’d highly recommend it.


Palmers Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion, (Amazon, £3)

I used this cream on my tummy every day (often twice a day if I wasn’t using a different moisturiser in the morning) and also on my legs and bum. I didn’t use it on my legs quite regularly enough though and that’s where I ended up getting my stretch marks! My tummy is more or less stretch mark free, though, and I’m sure it’s in part thanks to this.

Frizz Ease, (Amazon, £5)

My hair during my pregnancy has been wild! It fell out a bit before I was pregnant, I think as a result of stopping the pill, but it grew back in full force during my pregnancy and left my hair looking completely frizzy thanks to the new short hairs I’d sprouted. I had to use a lot of Frizz Ease to try and tame it, but there’s only so much I could do!


BabyGo Birthing Ball (Amazon, £20)

Honestly, I ordered this birthing ball mostly because the colour matched our living room and I knew it would be stored there for a few months. It’s more expensive than some other exercise balls I’ve seen. That said, it’s really nice quality, and a bit bigger and sturdier than the others I’ve tried. I used it to ease the pain in my back, but also to help get the baby in position. It’s also for use during labour to help get into more comfortable (if possible!) positions.

Ovia Pregnancy and Bounty Apps

I downloaded a silly amount of apps during my pregnancy to keep track of how big the baby is and its development day by day. The one I liked the most is Ovia Pregnancy. It’s free! Be sure to also get the Bounty app, as that gets you vouchers for some free baby packs that can be picked up from supermarkets and shops like Argos. Plus, Bounty is a little more tailored to the UK so has NHS information included.

Are you currently pregnant or have you recently had a baby? What did you find the most helpful during your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments section below or on Instagram.


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