5 Places To Buy Quirky Christmas Cards

Guys, what is going on? How is it December!? But we all know what that means: Christmas is coming! I tend to be terrible at sending Christmas cards (I’m still working through thank you cards for our wedding, whoops!) and that normally means dashing to the corner shop and grabbing the first cards I see. This year I want to give some nice Christmas cards to my friends and family so I’ve been exploring the web. Here are five of my favourite places to buy cards online.



I’ll start with one that probably won’t surprise you, and that’s Paperchase. I absolutely love Paperchase – if there is a sale online I’ll spend hours browsing it and I struggle to walk past a Paperchase store without going in to explore new designs. I buy most of my cards from Paperchase, often in the sale as a big batch of cards ready for the months ahead.

Christmas cards from Paperchase are always fun and quirky, and they have an awesome box of 40 cards that you can pick up for £6 and will cover everyone thanks to the many different styles and designs included (shown above).

Ohh Deer


Ohh Deer is one of my favourite websites to browse. It is full of illustrated goodies that I just can’t get enough of. Christmas cards are no exception, and there are loads of designs to choose from. This year my favourites are the Gemma Correll designs, which are just so funny and cute. They’re around £2.50 each and there’s a 3 for 2 offer available too.

Kio Cards

I’ve been following Kio Cards on Instagram for a good few months and have always loved their hand drawn designs. They have some completely gorgeous Christmas illustrations to choose from at £2.50 each or in bundles.

Oliver Bonas


Oliver Bonus is another shop I love to browse. Their Christmas card selection is so much fun this year, if a little pricey in some cases. But if there’s someone super special you want to buy for, or if you only buy a few cards each year, these are some of the best. I mean, “All the Jingle Ladies,” how great is that!?


Last but not least is Moonpig, which can take a bit more time and effort but the results can be stunning. Moonpig lets you personalise your cards online and send them directly to the recipient for a really reasonable price. I use Moonpig to send cards to my cousin in Australia and her family, and it’s always worked brilliantly well. You can add your own words and photos and change the names on the front of the card too.


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