Review: Brooklyn Girls, Coco by Gemma Burgess

Addictive story about friendship and first love with characters you’ll love spending time with.


Brooklyn Girls, Coco summary

Sweet, innocent Coco has always been the good one. But when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she decides it’s time to break bad.

Coco swiftly goes from spending all her time baking and reading to working nights in (and dancing on) a bar, falling in and out of love (and lust), stealing education – and along the way discovers that she is stronger than she ever knew…

In a time when her best friends are suddenly plunged into break ups, break-downs, big breaks, and on the verge of quitting New York City altogether, it’s up to Coco to keep them together and find herself along the way.

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Brooklyn Girls, Coco review

Brooklyn Girls is a modern chick-lit adventure about an eclectic group of girls trying to make it alone in the city that offers something for everyone to relate to. For me it was a much-needed guilty pleasure that had me smiling from ear-to-ear. I miss escaping to Brooklyn and hanging out with these realistic, delightfully flawed and unashamedly honest girls already.

One of the great things about this book for me was that it is perfect for the older end of the YA-loving spectrum. The girls are in their early twenties so just a bit older than your usual YA characters, but the overall feel and tone of the book was very much appealing to YA fans like me. It’s so addictive, and I could not stop giggling.

It does mean that there is a lot of sex and swearing in this novel, but it’s realistic rather than unnecessary and in typical YA form you’ll be spared the details (this is no 50 Shades).

Stupidly, I didn’t realise that this was book three in a series, but the good news is each novel can be read as a standalone. I think I gave myself a few spoilers for the first two books by reading Coco’s story, but I can’t wait to delve back into this story and get to know these characters better.

My rating

4.5/5 stars

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