Brand Spotlight: Cath Kidston


I absolutely adore Cath Kidston’s products. They’re bright, colourful and fun, and also really amazing quality. So I thought I’d share my collection of Cath Kidston products as well as my wishlist from the current range. One of the things I love about Cath Kidston is that new lines are always being introduced and older lines are removed, making it less likely you’ll see someone else with the same bag or purse as you, and also keeping the designs fresh.Brand-Spotlight-Cath-Kidston

My favourite Cath Kidston item (that I own) is my Kingswood Rose Saddle Bag. It’s the second Saddle Bag I’ve had from Cath Kidston – the first one lasted about three years and I used it every day for work. I’ve now had this one for about a year and it looks as good as new. I can fit pretty much everything in it, even a laptop if I need to.


There’s a big sale on over at Cath Kidston right now and some of the Saddle Bag designs have 50% off, down from their usual price of £68 to £34. If you’re looking for something colourful similar to my Kingswood design you might like the Rainbow Rose Saddle Bag (above), or for a slightly darker but still gorgeous design try the Button Spot Saddle Bag (below)


I also have a gorgeous Cath Kidston purse, which I use every day too. It has LOADS of space for cards, cash, receipts and coins, and again after about a year of daily use it looks like it’s brand new. Mine is a Global Wallet, although I’m not too sure what the design is called. That particular design is no longer available but there are some other lovely designs available, including this Kingswood Rose purse currently in the sale at £20 down from £38.


In the top left of the photograph you can see my big wash bag, which is handy for keeping all of my toiletries in one place and looking pretty. In the current range, I really like the £22 Button Spot Beauty Bag.


That huge bag at the back of the photo is an underbed storage bag, but I actually keep it on top of my wardrobe with some of my seasonal clothes inside. I really like the Park Rose design of this bag, available for £14.



And now for the smaller accessories, I’ve got a little circular mirror, a keyring and a pass holder for my travelcard. I think it might be time to get a new pass holder soon as I’ve had this one for about four years! I’m thinking about the Little Leaves design, £6.


I love the Cloud Shaped Compact Mirror currently in the sale at £4 down from £12, too.


On my Cath Kidston wishlist are a few home bits that I’m in love with:


Painted Daisy Bedding, from £50


Clouds Bedding, from £50 (how gorgeous are both of these?!)


These tea towels, £12, would look so cute in our kitchen.


This ridiculously cool Clouds Trio china set, currently on sale for £11 down from £25.


I also love these Garden Rose slip-on trainers which are a really reasonable price at £28.

Which are your favourite Cath Kidston products at the moment? Also, are there any similar brands you’ll think I love now that you know how much I love Cath Kidston? I’d love to hear from you, so let me know in the comments section below.


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