Eek! I’m engaged! Now what?

11076285_10155444726830232_7001515398448027142_nOn Good Friday I was enjoying a beautiful holiday on the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia when all of a sudden I found myself engaged. Ok, so I made that sound like a random stranger proposed to me and I said yes, didn’t I? That’s absolutely not what happened. What did happen is my handsome boyfriend of eight years asked me to marry him beneath a beautiful starlit sky looking out over the ocean, and after a few minutes of uncontrollable giggling I said yes and that gorgeous man became my fiancé.

I'm Engaged! Now what?I am absolutely over the moon to be marrying Ryan, and I am SO excited about what the future holds. Plus, like most other women, I’ve dreamed of my wedding day my whole life. But now that I know there’s actually going to be a wedding and I need to start planning it, it’s all rather daunting!

It’s not all a shock to me – I’ve been helping my best friend plan her wedding for about six months now (I’m going to be maid of honour!), so I’ve come to realise that weddings are expensive and that planning a wedding is not as simple as trying on amazing dresses and deciding on a Honeymoon location. There is SO a much to think about.

That’s why I’ve decided to do the thing I know best to help me get my thoughts in order: write! I am a full-time technology journalist and a book blogger in my spare time (I LOVE writing, can you tell?), so I figured what better way to document my experience as Ashleigh Engaged than on a brand-new blog? I’m planning on writing this blog mostly for myself to help gather ideas and look back on my experience in years to come, but if there’s anyone out there who is interested in reading (hello… is anyone out therrrrree?) then I hope you’ll enjoy sharing the experience with me. I’d love to hear from anyone who has any advice about planning a wedding, any suggestions about how to save money or any good websites I should visit. And if you have your own wedding blog or know of any fab ones that I might have missed I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Look out for regular blog posts about all things weddings, from engagement party ideas and wedding fairs to choosing bridesmaid dresses and deciding on decorations, I’ll be writing about everything here. It’s so exciting but so nerve-wracking! Wish me luck 😉

xxx Ashleigh xxx



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