Recommended TV Shows: Gossip Girl

So, on Saturday, I watched the last ever Gossip Girl episode. I won’t give anything away but it was bloody brilliant! But even if it hadn’t been brilliant, it wouldn’t have mattered because all 120 of the previous episodes were so jam-packed full of drama and gossipy goodness.

Gossip Girl follows the lives of Manhattan’s elite as they splash their infinite cash on extravagant lifestyles that make for fantastic escapism. As a thread throughout every episode, Gossip Girl, a secret-spilling website, provides a way for New York City’s teenagers to keep track of the scandalous antics taking place among the rich kids.

Gossip Girl

Who is she? That’s one secret she’ll never tell. Until the last ever episode, that is.

The good 

  • The characters. They’re all unique, you fall in love with them all at times, but hate them equally as much. I think characters are the key to a successful series, and Gossip Girl ticks all the boxes. Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate, Dan are the perfect mixture of personalities that blend together like peanut butter and jelly.
  • The setting. Filmed in NYC itself, you can’t help but wish someone could whisk you over there to see it all for yourself. I, for one, definitely want to pay it a visit, and go on the Gossip Girl tour while I’m there.
  • The clothes. Gossip Girl’s characters have impeccable fashion sense, which is made even more glamorous by the endless amount of parties (I swear, there’s one every episode).
  • The drama. It really is dramatic. (see ‘The bad’ for more on this one).

The bad

  • The drama. Goodness there’s a lot of it. Even I found myself thinking that some story lines were a little overcrowded with the stuff. Nevertheless, it’s also what makes the show so addictive.
  • Chuck and Blair. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t and you plan on watching Gossip Girl, you’ll soon find out. But, like with the drama, it’s an element of the series that I think we’d all miss if it wasn’t there.

So really, the bad isn’t that bad at all, is it? I’m certainly sad to see it end.

Who should watch it

  • Drama lovers
  • Fashion fans
  • Those in need of a nightly dose of escapism
  • New York admirers

Note: Just as a little extra gem, my boyfriend, who is 22 and listens to rock music (and is going to kill me after this 😉 ), said as the credits were rolling after the final episode (and I quote): “Gossip Girl is an amazing series, isn’t it? I wish I’d watched it from the beginning.”

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