Review: Little White Lies by Katie Dale

Clever UKYA novel filled with mystery, romance and suspense that’ll have you hooked.

 Little White Lies

Little White Lies Summary

The first time Lou meets tall, dark and handsome Christian, she knows he’s hiding something. Why won’t he talk about his past? Why doesn’t he have any family photos and why does he dye his blond hair black?But when Christian’s terrible secret is unveiled to the world it seems everything he’s told Lou is a lie. Should she trust him or is she in terrible danger?

But Christian isn’t the only one keeping secrets. For what if their chance meeting was no accident at all?

As lie follows lie, nothing is as it seems, and Lou finds herself ensnared in a web of deceit. Her loyalties torn and emotions in tatters, she faces a terrible dilemma: shatter the lives of those she holds dearest or betray the guy who, against all odds, she’s fallen in love with…

My Thoughts

What a brilliant novel! I had no idea what to expect when I picked this book up. I haven’t read Katie Dale’s debut, Someone Else’s Life, so she’s a brand new author to me. But with a blurb like that, I couldn’t put it back on the shelf in the bookshop without getting some answers, and I’m really glad I decided to take it home.

Right from the beginning, Little White Lies is full of secrets that manage deceive even the reader on multiple occasions. While there was one part of the many plot twists that I did manage to guess in advance, the rest kept me guessing until the very last page.

I can’t say to much because it’ll give the whole thing away and ruin it for you, but I particularly enjoyed that the twists began mid way through the book rather than right at the end as many books do. I’m not 100% sure that one of the most important twists completely adds up, but it doesn’t really matter because it was so awesome I forgot all about my doubts.

The characters are brilliantly developed, and, even though some of them annoyed me a bit, including main character Lou at times, I found them believable and relatable despite their dramatic lives.

I love that it’s set in the UK, too. Katie Dale is a UKYA author which makes me very, very happy!

This book definitely deserves more recognition than it’s getting (only four reviews on Amazon, what!?), and I hope that I can encourage some of you out there to pick it up and devour it.

My Rating

***** 5/5 stars

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